Step By Step guide to add a Local User Account to window server 2019 base

Hello, In this blog we are discussing how to add a local user account on server 2019.We are using a computer management tool for adding a local user on a server because in some cases we have not Active Directory or LDAP in the environment will need to add a local user to one or two servers such as an FTP Servers.

There are some steps to add a local user account on server:

  • Login to window server 2019 base.

  • Click on Start button then select Server Manager

  • Click on Tools.

  • Select Computer Management.

  • On computer management page,click on Local Users & Groups.

  • We can see the two Name: Users & Groups.Right Click on Users.

  • Click on New User.

  • On add new user page,provide the required details such as name,full name & set the password.

  • Click on Create.

  • Open the Users Directory.

  • Here, we can see the Added user.

  • Right click on added user name then select properties.

  • On Properties page,Select Member of.
  • Click on Add for change to a user’s group membership.

  • Provide the object names.

  • Type “Administrators” then click on Check names.

  • If the group is found within the Server, Click on OK.

  • User’s group membership is added.Click on Apply then click on OK.

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