How to Setup Active Directory Password Policy on Microsoft Server 2012 R2

If you want to setup active directory password policy never expire or user can not change password so following the below options:-

Open Microsoft server 2012 R2.

Go to Control Panel –>Click on Network & Internet–>click on Network & Sharing Center–>click on change  adapter setting.

After this, right click on Ethernet 2–>click on properties–>click on IP version4 (TCP/IPv4). Then click on properties.

pic 1

Then, click on “Use the following  DNS server Addresses:” & set the AD directories DNS Address.

Click ok.

pic 2

Then, Go to This PC Properties–>click on Change Settings–>click on Change Option–>Click on Domain option & mention AD Directory DNS name( ok.

After successfully this process , restart now or restart later window pop up & click on restart now option.

Then,Login Microsoft server 2012 R2 base through RDP using server ip, AD directories Default username & password.

Then, Go to Server manager–>Click on Add roles & features option–>Add Roles & Features Wizard window pop up–>click next–>Select Role-based or feature-based installation option–>click next.

Then,select a server from the server pool option–>click next –>Again Click next.

Then,select Features(select Group Policy Management ,select Remote server Administration Tools-→select Role Administration Tools–>select all option.) –>click next.

Click Next–>Again Next–>Next–>click Install option.

After successfully installation of all add features–>click close option.

Go to Server Manager–>Click on Tools option–>click Active Directory Users & Computers.

pic 3

Then, click on AD Directory DNS name shown of left side–>click on Directory NetBIOS name shown on fig–>click on Users.

pic 4

Right click on Admin option –>properties–>click on Account.

pic 5

All the options are shown on fig. related to Password policy.



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