How to create NAT gateway on Azure.

NAT gateway resources are part of Virtual Network NAT and provide outbound Internet connectivity for one or more subnets of a virtual network. NAT provides source network address translation (SNAT) for a subnet.

Follow the below subnets to create NAT gateway.

  • First login to Azure portal and click on all services > NAT gateway.


  • Click on create.


  • Fill the required details such as Subscription, Resource group name, NAT gateway name and Region etc.
  • Now click next on Outbound IP.



  • Provide Public IP address or create a new public IP.
  • Now click Next on Subnet.



  • Select or create Virtual network.
  • Click Next on Tags.



  • Provide the tag name for NAT gateway.
  • Click on Next Review+ create.


  • After getting validation passed the click on create option.



  • Now NAT gateway has been created.

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