How to take a Snapshot of a disk in Microsoft Azure.

  • Login to Azure portal.
  • Click on All Services
  • Select Snapshots Service.




  • Click on Create.



  • On the Basics Tab, Enter the following options:-
  • Subscription:  An Azure subscription grants you access to Azure services.
  • Resource group name:  A resource group is a collection of resources.
  • Name: Enter the  Snapshot name.
  • Select Region: The Azure region into which the resource should be deployed.

         Snapshot Type

  • Full – make a complete read-only copy of the selected disk.
  • Incremental – save on storage costs by making a partial copy of the disk based on the difference between the last snapshot.

         Source disk:  Select the disk to use for creating this snapshot.

         Storage type : will be set automatically based on the source disk.

         Now, Click on Next Encryption.


Fig. 3Fig. 4


  • In Encryption Tab, Select the Encryption type for Snapshot.
  • Select (Default).
  • Next click on Networking.


Fig. 5


  •  On Networking tab select the Network Connectivity method, If you want  your disk will be public then select public endpoint otherwise select private endpoint.
  • Next Click on Tags.

Fig. 6


  • On Tags Tab, Enter the tag name and value for Snapshot.
  • Next Click on Review.


Fig. 7


  • On Review + Create Tab,
  • If you get a message “Validation passed”.
  • Then click on Create.


Fig. 8


  • After some time, depending on the size of the disk, you will see a message as “Your deployment is ready”.
  • Click on “Go to resources” & You can see that the snapshot is there with the name we provide.



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