How to Create a Virtual Machine on Microsoft Azure.

  • Sign in to the Azure portal.
  • Go to Virtual Machine Service and click on Add button option.



  • In the Basics tab and under Project details make sure the correct subscription is selected and then choose to Create new resource group, For example Type myResourceGroup for the name.


  • Next provide all the details like resource name, instance details, instance size etc.


  • Under Administrator account provide a username such as azureuser and a password.


  • Inbound port rules choose Allow selected ports and then select RDP (3389) and HTTP (80) from the drop-down.



  • Click Next: Disk’s button to continue.



  • Click Next: Networking button to continue and provide details as required.



  • Click Next: Management button to continue.



  • Next Guest config tab is to add additional extensions like agents, scripts, and applications to virtual machine. 

  • Click Next: Tag’s button to continue.

  • The Tags configuration tab is for add name and value to manage, categorize, and track resources usage for billing purposes.
  • Click the Next: Review + create to continue.



  • Connect to VM Instance.
  • Click on connect for connecting to Instance using SSH.
  • Use below SSH command to connect to the instance.

            ssh username@ip_address

  • provide password and you will connect on instance in ssh terminal.

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