How to Create Local Network Gateways in Microsoft azure.

The local network gateway is a specific object that represents your on-premises location (the site) for routing purposes.


  • Login to azure portal.
  • Click on All Services.
  • Select Local Network Gateways.


Fig 1


  • Click on Add.

Fig 2


  • On Basics tab provide the following values:-


  • Provide the Local network gateway name.
  • Select IP address or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) endpoint for the on-premises VPN device.
  • If Select IP address,you have a static public IP address allocated from your Internet service provider for your VPN device & If select FQDN,you have a dynamic public IP address that could change after certain period of time, usually determined by your Internet service provider,
  • Provide Address Space, refers to the address ranges for the network that this local network represents. You can add multiple address space ranges.
  • Subscription: An Azure subscription grants you access to Azure services.
  • Resource group name: A resource group is a collection of resources.
  • Select Location
  • Then click on Create.



Fig. 3


Fig. 4

  • After some time, you will see a message as “Your deployment is ready”.
  • Click on “Go to resources” & You can see that the Local Network Gateway is there with the name we provide.

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