How to Create Data Shares in Microsoft azure.

Azure Data Share is a PaaS solution on Azure that gives us the ability to share organizational datasets with multiple parties, such as customers or partners, while having the control to manage and monitor the data. With Azure Data Share, we can use several services on Azure to share datasets, such as storage accounts or data lake storages.


  • Login to azure portal.
  • Click on All Services.
  • Select Data shares.


Fig 1


  • Click on Create.


Fig 2


  • On Basics tab provide the following values:-


  • Subscription: An Azure subscription grants you access to Azure services.
  • Resource group name: A resource group is a collection of resources.
  • Select Location.
  • Provide the Data share name.
  • Click on Next Tags.


Fig. 3


  • On Tags Tab provide the tag name and value for Data Shares.
  • Click Next on Review + Create.


Fig. 3


  • If you get a message “Validation passed”.
  • Then click on Create.

Fig. 5


  • After some time, you will see a message as “Your deployment is ready”.
  • Click on “Go to resources” & You can see that the Data share is there with the name we provide.


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