How to create a new user and provide the root or sudo privileges


In this blog we would learn about how to create a new user and add the same user to the root group or with sudo privileges. The sudo command provides a mechanism for granting administrator privileges and how to modify sudoers group in different ways & how to login with new user in the different ways.

Step 1: Open the terminal and login with the root user.




Step 2: Now add a new user to the system with new username with below command.

adduser new




Step 3: Now provide following information to create a new user.




Step 4: Now new user is created. To verify that your user is created or not. Check it to the home directory.


cd /home





Step 5: Now add user to the sudo group.

usermod -aG sudo new1




In second method go to /etc/group and add the sudo group to your new user name.




Step 6: Now, how to change the user to root to new user.

su new1

Then, provide password of the new user.




New user is now created with sudo privileges.

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