How to Create Cloud Router on Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Router enables you to dynamically exchange routes between your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and on-premises networks by using Border Gateway Protocol.

Cloud Router is a fully distributed and managed Google Cloud service that programs custom dynamic routes and scales with your network traffic. Cloud Router works with both legacy networks and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks.


  • Login to google cloud platform portal.
  • Click on Hybrid Connectivity.
  • Select Cloud Routers.


Fig 1


  • Click on Create Router.


Fig 2


  • Provide the cloud router name.
  • Select Default or existing Network.
  • Select Region.
  • Provide Google Private ASN between (64512 – 65534, 4200000000 – 4294967294) that you are not using elsewhere in your network.
  • Click on Create.


Fig. 3


  • If needs a custom routers then click on Create custom router.
  • Provide IP address range.
  • Click on Done.


Fig. 4


  • After sometime cloud router is ready then go to cloud router home page.
  • Cloud Router is there with the name we provide.


Fig. 7

Create Cloud Router using Shall.


Fig. 5



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