How to Create External IP Address on Google Cloud Platform.

Static internal IPs provide the ability to reserve internal IP addresses from the IP range configured in the subnet, then assign those reserved internal addresses to resources as needed. Reserving an internal IP address takes that address out of the dynamic allocation pool and prevents it from being used for automatic allocations.

Reserving static internal IP addresses requires specific IAM permissions so that only authorized users can reserve a static internal IP address.


  • Login to google cloud platform portal.
  • Click on VPC Network.
  • Select External IP addresses.


Fig 1


  • Click on Reserve static address.


Fig 2


  • Provide static address name.
  • Network Service Tiers enable you to optimize network quality and performance vs. cost for your resources and projects. Select Premium, provides traffic traverses Google’s high quality global backbone, entering and exiting at Google edge peering points closest to the user or Select Standard, provides traffic enters and exits the Google network at a peering point closest to the Cloud region it’s destined for or originated in.
  • Select IP version: IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Select static address type: Regional or Global.
  • Select Region.
  • Then Click on Reserve.


Fig. 3


  • After sometime static address is ready then go to external IP address home page.
  • Reserve static address is there with the name we provide.


Fig. 5


Create Reserve static address using Shell.

For example:  gcloud compute addresses create static_address_name –project=project_name –network-tier=STANDARD –region=us-central1


Fig. 8


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