How to Create Network Interface on Amazon Web Service(AWS).

An elastic network interface is a logical networking component in a VPC that represents a virtual network card. It can include the following attributes:

  1. A primary private IPv4 address from the IPv4 address range of your VPC.
  2. One or more secondary private IPv4 addresses from the IPv4 address range of your VPC.
  3. One Elastic IP address (IPv4) per private IPv4 address.
  4. One public IPv4 address.


  • Login to aws portal.
  • Click on Services.


Fig 1


  • Under Compute select EC2.


Fig 2


  • Click on Network Interfaces.


Fig. 3


  • Click on Create Network Interface.


Fig. 4


  • Provide Description for network interface.
  • Select Existing Subnet.
  • When select Auto-assign IPv4 Private IP. It auto assign the IP address for Network Interface.


Fig. 5


  • When select Custom IPv4 Private IP, Provide IPv4 address for Network Interface.


Fig. 6


  • Select Existing Security Group for Network Interface and security groups to control access to the network interface.
  • Click on Add tag.


Fig 9


  • Provide the key name & value for network interface.
  • Click on Create.


Fig. 7


  • After sometime network interface is ready.


Fig. 8



Create Network Interface using Shell

aws ec2 create-network-interface –subnet-id subnet_id –description “example” –groups securitygroup_id –private-ip-address private_id_address




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