How to Create S3 Glacier on Amazon Web Service(AWS).

Amazon S3 Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost cloud storage service for data archiving and long-term backup. Customers can reliably store large or small amounts of data for as little as $0.004 per gigabyte per month, a significant savings compared to on-premises solutions.

With S3 Glacier, customers can store their data cost effectively for months, years, or even decades. S3 Glacier enables customers to offload the administrative burdens of operating and scaling storage to AWS, so they don’t have to worry about capacity planning, hardware provisioning, data replication, hardware failure detection and recovery, or time-consuming hardware migrations.


  • Login to aws portal.
  • Click on Services.


Fig 1


  • Under Storage select S3 Glacier.


Fig 2


  • Click on Create Vault.


Fig. 3


  • Select Region.
  • Provide the vault name.
  • Click on Next Step.


Fig. 4


  • Enable the Notification.
  • Then click on Next step.
  • Create a new SNS topic.


Fig. 5


  • Provide the Topic name & Display name.
  • Select the job type you want to trigger your notification.
  • Click on Next step.


Fig. 6


  • Review all configurations.
  • Click on Submit.


Fig. 7


  • After sometime vault is ready.


Fig. 8


  • Click on New S3 Glacier Vault name.
  • All the details of vault is there.
  • Click on Tags.


Fig 9


  • Provide the key name & value for S3 Glacier Vault.


Fig 10


Create S3 Glacier using Shell

aws glacier create-vault –vault-name vault-name –account-id  aws-account-id



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