How to Install and update packages in terminal and GUI.

In Linux,we can install & update packages using two method:CLI mode & GUI.

In CLI (terminal mode),we can use command to install & update the packages.In GUI,we can see graphics pictures to install & update the packages.

Install & update the packages using CLI

Update the system.

apt-get update

To see available updates.

apt list --upgradable

Upgrade the System.

apt-get upgrade

Install packages.

apt-get install package-name


Install & Update the packages using GUI

Install the package

  • Click on Ubuntu Software.

Fig 1


  • Search the package.

Fig 2


  • Click on package name.

Fig. 3


  • Click on Install option.

Fig. 4


  • Provide sudo password.
  • Click on authenticate.

Fig. 5


  • After sometime package is installed.

Fig. 6


Update the packages.

  • Click on Software Update.

Fig. 7


  • Check the available updates.

Fig. 8


  • If Updates software is available.
  • Click on Install Now.

Fig 9


  • Provide sudo password.

Fig 10


  • Installing the packages.

Fig 11


  • Restart the system.
  • Click on Restart now.

Fig 11


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