13 Steps Guide to Create Kubernetes Cluster on AWS

Kubernetes is a free & open-source service. It is used for automation deployment, scaling, and containerized applications management. It is also Known as K8s.Using Kubernetes cluster, we can create a number of nodes that run containerized applications.

There are some steps to create kubernetes cluster on aws:

Step 1: Login to aws portal.

Step 2: Click on Services.

Step 3: Select Elastic Kubernetes Services.

Step 4:Provide the Cluster Name & Click on Next step.

Step 5: Select Kubernetes version.

Step 6:Create a IAM Role for cluster service.Click on IAM console.

  •  Click on Create Role.

  • Select EC2.

  • Click on EKS.

  • Select EKS-Cluster.
  • Click on Next: Permissions.

  • Check the Attached permission policies.
  • Click on Next Tags.

  • Provide the Key name & value for IAM role.
  • Click on Next: Review.

  • Provide the Role name.
  • Click on Create Role.

  • Then,select created IAM Role.

Step 7: Click on Add Tag & provide the Tag key name & value.Click on Next.

Step 8: Select the existing VPC & Subnets.

Step 9: Select existing security group.

Step 10: Select Cluster Endpoint access : Public ,Private or Both.

Step 11: Select Amazon VPC CNI version.

  • Select CoreDNS version & Kube-proxy version.
  • Click on Next.

  • Enable the Required logs & send to cloudwatch.
  • Click on Next.

Step 12: Review the configurations.

  • Click on create.

Step 13: After sometimes,Kubernetes cluster has been Active.

Create Kubernetes cluster using Shell

Create Cluster

eksctl create cluster –name=eksdemo1 \
–region=us-east-1 \
–zones=us-east-1a,us-east-1b \

# Get List of clusters
eksctl get cluster


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