How to Create a Job on Jenkins

Jenkins is a free and open source automation server. Using Jenkins, we can automate the parts of software development related to building, testing, and deploying, facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery.

There are various types of jenkins jobs:

  • Freestyle project.
  • Maven project.
  • Pipeline.
  • Multibranch pipeline.
  • External Job.
  • Multi-configuration project.
  • Github organization.

Create a Job


Fig 1


  • Click on Create a Job option.


Fig 2


  • Provide an Item/project name & Choose one job.
  • Select Freestyle project option.
  • Click ok.


Fig. 3


  • Provide Description of project.
  • If select Github project the provide the URL of project.


Fig. 5


  • If select Git as a source code management.
  • Provide the url of repository.
  • Click on Add credentials. There are various options to set credential like username & password, ssh username with private key, certificate & secret file etc.
  • Select Branch to build.


Fig. 4


  • Select Triggers & Build environment if required.


Fig. 7


  • At build option select any build step.
  • If we needs to run a script file with build.


Fig. 8


  • At Build Environment select any post-build actions.
  • If we needs to send email notification after build select E-mail notification.
  • Provide Recipient mail-id.
  • Click on Save.


Fig. 9


  • Click on Build now option for deployment.


Fig 10


  • Once the build will complete then Click on the #1 in the Build history to check the details of the build.


Fig 11


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