Steps to Install HardInfo Tool on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Hardinfo is a free & open source system hardware information tool. Hardinfo stands for Hardware information. It provides all the information related to system like operation system information, kernal modules information, memory, network interfaces information & etc. It is a graphical user interface tool. It shows system hardware information.

There are few steps to install Hardinfo on ubuntu:

Step 1: Update the System.

apt-get update

Step 2: Install HardInfo on system.

apt install hardinfo

Step 3: Once hardinfo is installed.

  • Click on Show application.
  • Click on System Profiler.
  • Here is the output.

  • Now the Hardware information application is Ready.

  • Click on Operation system for OS information.

  • Click on kernel modules for module information.

  • Click on Processor for package information.

  • Click on Memory for total ,free, cached swap & virtual memory information.

  • Click on Interfaces for network interface information.

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