How to Create SSH Keys in Microsoft Azure

SSH (Secure Shell) keys are an access credential that is used in the SSH protocol and they are foundational to modern Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

Essentially, SSH keys are an authentication method used to gain access to an encrypted connection between systems and then ultimately use that connection to manage the remote system.


  • Login to azure portal.
  • Click on All Services.
  • Select SSH Keys.


Fig 1


  • Click on Create.


Fig 2


  • On Basics tab provide the following values:-


  • Subscription: An Azure subscription grants you access to Azure services.
  • Resource group name: A resource group is a collection of resources.
  • Provide the ssh key name.
  • Click on Next Tags.


Fig. 3Fig. 4


  • On Tags Tab, Enter the tag name and value for SSH Key.
  • Click Next on Review + Create.


Fig. 5


  • If you get a message “Validation passed”.
  • Then click on Create.


Fig. 6


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