How to Create & Configure Backup Vaults in Microsoft Azure

The Azure Backup service provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up your data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud. A Backup vault is a storage entity in Azure that houses backup data for certain newer workloads that Azure Backup supports.


  1. Enhanced capabilities to help secure backup data: Azure Backup provides security capabilities to protect cloud backups.
  2. Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC): Azure RBAC provides fine-grained access management control in Azure.


  • Login to azure portal.
  • Click on All Services.
  • Select Backup Vaults.


Fig 1


  • Click on Create.


Fig 2


  • On Basics tab provide the following values:-


  • Subscription: An Azure subscription grants you access to Azure services.
  • Resource group name: A resource group is a collection of resources.
  • Provide the Backup vault name.
  • Select Region.
  • Select Backup storage redundancy if using Azure as a primary backup storage endpoint continue to use the default Geo-redundant setting and If not using Azure as a primary backup storage endpoint then choose Locally redundant which reduces the Azure storage cost.
  • Then click on Tags.


Fig. 3Fig. 4


  • On Tags Tab, Enter the tag name and value for Backup Vault.
  • Click Next on Review + Create.


Fig. 5


  • If you get a message “Validation passed”.
  • Then click on Create.


Fig. 6


  • After some time, you will see a message as “Your deployment is ready”.
  • Click on “Go to resources” & You can see that the Backup Vault is there with the name we provide.


Fig. 7


How to Create Backup in Backup Vault.

  • Click on New Backup Vault name.
  • On Overview page of Backup Vault there can see Backup & Restore option.
  • Click on Backup.


Fig. 8


  • At Backup Provide the data source type like Azure blob, Azure disk or Azure database for PostgreSQL servers.
  • Provide the Vaults name.
  • Click on Next.



  • At Backup policy Create or Select existing backup policy.



  • At  Create backup policy provide the policy name & vault name.
  • Click on Next Schedule & retention.




  • Set the days, time & time zone for backup.
  • Click on Next Review + Create.




  • If you get a message “Validation passed”.
  • Then click on Create.




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