Step By Step Guide to Create Kubernetes Service on Microsoft Azure

Kubernetes is a free & open-source container-orchestration system. It is used for automating system application deployment, scaling, & management. It enables the operation of an elastic web server framework for cloud applications.

There are some steps to create Kubernetes service on Microsoft azure:

  • First login into azure portal.
  • Click on All Services –> Containers—> Kubernetes service.

  • Click on Create —> Create a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Select a Subscription.
  • Create or select existing resource group.

  • Provide a Kubernetes cluster name.
  • Select Region & Availability zone.
  • Select Kubernetes version & Node size.
  • Select Scale Method : Manual or Auto-scale.
  • Select Node count range.Click on Next Node-pools.

  • By default,One node pool is created.So update the default node-pool or create a new new pool.

  • Click on default node-pool & update it as per requirements.Click on Update.

  • Click on Next Authentication.
  • On the Authentication page,create a new cluster identity by either:Leaving the Authentication field with System-assigned managed identity, or selecting Service Principal.
  • If select Service principal,then provide the Service principal client ID and secret.
  • Enable the Kubernetes role-based access control (Kubernetes RBAC) option & leave the other options.
  • Click on Next Networking.

  • On Networking page,we have 2 option to create network configuration by either:kubenet or Azure CNI.
  • If choosing kubenet,it creates a new VNet for your cluster using default values.

  • If choosing Azure CNI,create or select a existing Vnet for ypur cluster.
  • Leave the other options.Click on Next Integrations.

  • Create or select existing container registry.Click on create new container registry.
  • Provide the Registry name,resource group,region & SKU.Click Ok.
  • By default container monitoring & Azure policy are disabled.
  • Click on Next Tags.

  • Provide the Key name & value.Click on Next Review+create.

  • Once validation passed successfully click on create option.

  • Now go to Kubernetes services Home page.

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