Steps to Create Log Analytics Workspaces on Microsoft Azure

Hello Readers, In this blog we are goin to discuss how to create a Log Analytics workspace in Microsoft Azure. Log Analytics workspaces is a basic management unit of Azure Monitor Logs. It is the logical storage unit where your log data is collected and stored. We can easily create a own workspace. Each workspace has its own data repository, configuration & data sources & we can store the data in a particular workspace.

There are some points to create Log Analytics workspace in microsoft azure.

  • Login to azure portal.
  • Click on All services.
  • Select Log Analytics workspaces.

  • Click on create.

  • Provide subscription id.
  • Create or select existing resource group.
  • Provide the Log Analytics workspaces name.
  • Select Region.
  • Click on Next: Tags.

  • Provide the key name & value.
  • Click on Next: Review + create.

  • Once validation passed successfully click on create option.

  • Once creation is completed,click on Go to sources.

  • Now,Log Analytics workspaces is Ready.

  • Click on Home page of log analytics workspaces.

Create Log Analytics workspaces using command line

az monitor log-analytics workspace create -g <ResourceGroup-Name> -n <Log Analytics workspaces-Name>

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