Steps to Setup & Configure Rancher on Amazon Linux

Rancher is a free & open source container management platform. It helps to create & manage containers. We can easily add the host on rancher server. Rancher enables organizations to run containers in production.

There are some steps to Setup Rancher on AWS EC2:


  • 2 Aws ec2 system with sudo privileges.

Install Docker on Rancher (Master) Node & Worker Node:

Step 1: Update the System.

yum update

Step 2: Install docker on Amazon Linux.

yum install docker

  • Here is the command output.
  • Press y.

  • Check Docker version.

docker --version

  • Here is the command output.

  • Start & Enable the docker.

systemctl start docker
systemctl enable docker

  • Here is the command output.

Step 3: Install & Run Rancher server using docker on Master node.

docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 8080:8080 rancher/server:stable

  • Here is the command output.

Step 4: Open Rancher web interface.


  • Here is the output.
  • Note: Please wait for sometime Or refresh the browser page 2-3 times.

  • Now,Welcome page opened.
  • Click on Got it.

  • Rancher is Ready for configuration.
  • Click on ADMIN option.

  • Select Access Control.

  • Access Control page is Opened.

  • Select Local Access control.

  • Provide the Login credentials such as Username,first name & Password.
  • Click on Enable the Local Auth.

  • Now, Local Authentication is Enabled.

To Add a Host in Rancher

  • Click on Infrastructure.

  • Click on Hosts.

  • Click on Add Host.

  • Leave the option or provide the URL to connect to Rancher API.
  • Click on Save.

  • There are multiple options to Add host in Rancher.
  • Select Custom.

  • Provide the Worker Node IP address in option 4.
  • Copy the command to register host with Rancher from option 5 & Paste on Worker Node Server.
  • Click on Close.

Worker Node Server

  • Here is the Command output.

  • Host is successfully Added.

Create a Containers

  • Click on Add Containers.

  • Provide the Container Name,Description.
  • Provide the Image.
  • Click on Port Map.

  • Provide the Public Host port & Private Container Port number.

  • Here,multiple options are available.
  • Select the options as per requirements or leave the options.
  • Click on Create.

  • Now Container is Running Mode.

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