Steps to Create/Add User & Assign Role/Permission to User in Jenkins

Jenkins is a free & open source automation server. It is used for continuous integration/continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD) automation software, written in the Java programming language. It is used to implement CI/CD workflows, called pipelines.

Here, we are creating a user & assign a role or permission to created user in Jenkins. Using Manage & Assign roles, we can provide a limited access to created user.

There are some steps to create user & assign permission to user in Jenkins:

Install Jenkins on Ubuntu

  • Update the System.

apt-get update

Create or Add a User in Jenkins Server

  • On Jenkins Dashboard,Click on Manage Jenkins.

  • Click on Manage Users.

  • Click on Create User.

  • Provide the credentials such as user name,password,full name & email address.
  • Click on create user.

  • User is successfully created.

Install Role Strategy Plugin in Jenkins

  • Go to Manage Jenkins.

  • Click on Manage Plugins.

  • At Plugins Manager,Click on Available.

  • Search Role & Select Role-Based Authorization Strategy.

  • Click on Install without Restart.

  •  Plugins is successfully Installed.

  • Now,Go to Manage Jenkins–>Click on Configure Global Security.

  • On Configure Global security —->Scroll down the page.

  • Under Authorization,select Role-Based Strategy.

  • Click on Save.

Manage Users and Roles in Jenkins

  • Go to Manage Jenkins–>Manage & Assign Roles.

  • Click on Manage Roles.

  • Now Create a New Role.
  • Under Role to Add,Provide a Role name like Tester.

  • Click on Add.

  • Role is Added.

  • Now, select the Jenkins user permissions we want to assign to the “Tester” role.

  • Click on Save.

Assign Roles to User

  • Under Manage & Assign Roles,Click on Assign Roles.

  • Under User/Group to Add,provide user name.
  • Click on Add.

  • User is Added.

  • Assign created Role to user,click on Tester role checkbox.

  • Click on Save.

Login to Created User Account

  • Login to Created User Account using Jenkins server URL.

  • Provide the Created User name & password.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Now,Created User Account is successfully setup.

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