Learn about Confidentiality of Information.

Confidentiality of information

It means something that is secret and is not supposed to be disclosed to unintended people or entities.It other words,does not share your personal information to any people or any one.It ensures that your private information is accessed only by an authorized person & kept away from those not authorized to possess them.Thus,protecting such information is an important part of information security.


Fig:Confidentiality of information

To Ensure the Confidentiality of Information

Use Firewall whenever possible:

A firewall is a program,used for monitoring incoming & outgoing communication.

Control Browser settings to block tracking:

To block the information tracking browser setting which are harmful for us.

Browser privately whenever possible:

We should try to use/browse the internet in private or via a in-cognito mode.

Be careful while posting on Internet:

Never post personal information such as addresses,mobile number,bank details etc on Internet or any social media.

Ensure Safe sites while providing personal information:

When providing the personal information on a website then check the following things: To check the website URL,safe website starts with Https:// and not with http://

Carefully Handle E-Mails:

When opening an e-mail,check the sender mail address or make sure that we know the sender.If we receive any e-mail from unknown person or anonymous person,do not open any attachment or link mentioned in mail.

Avoid using Public computers:

Never use or provides your personal information on a public computers.Do not share sensitive information on open wireless networks.

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