Steps to Launch a Window Server 2019 base Instance on Amazon Web Service(AWS).

Hello, In this Blog we are discussing about for Window Server 2019 Base.Here, we are creating a Instance using window server 2019 Base AMI.Window server is a high-performance, reliable, cost-effective, cloud computing platform.

There are some steps to create a instance on Amazon web Service(AWS).

  • Go to Amazon Web Service(AWS) management console portal.
  • Login to AWS Console.
  • Click on Services–>click on Compute–>Select EC2.

  • Click on Instances & Click on Launch Instance.

  • Provide the Instance Name.
  • Select Windows.

  • Click on Confirm Changes.

  • Then, Select Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base.

  • Next, Select Instance Type.

  • Create or select existing Key Pair.

  • In Network Settings,Allow RDP Traffic from anywhere,& HTTP & HTTPS traffic from the Internet.

  • Now, Configure the Storage.By default,storage(volume) size is 30 GB.
  • Leave the other options.
  • Click on Launch Instance.

  • Now. Launching the instance.

  • After Sometime Successfully initialed the launch of instance.

  • Now. Instance is Running mode.

Method 1: Connect to the Server using Remote Desktop File.

  • Click on Connect.

  • Download the Remote Desktop File.

  • Click on Get Password.

  • Choose the Key pair file path.
  • Click on Decrypt Password.

  • Password is Decrypted.

  • Now,Open the Downloaded Remote Desktop File.
  • Click on Yes for Accept the Certificate.

  • Provide the RDP authentication credentials such as Username,Password & Domain.
  • Click on OK.

  • Using RDP,Server is successfully connected.

  • Window Server 2019 is Ready.

Method 2: Connect to Window Server Using RDP through Remmina

  • Go to Local Ubuntu machine.
  • Click on Show Applications.
  • Now Search Remmina.


  • Click on New Connection Profile.

  • Provide the required information such as Server DNS, username & password.

  • Window Server 2019 Base is Ready.

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