Step By Step to add DNS A/PTR Record in windows server 2019 base

Hello,here we are discussing about for DNS A/PTR record.First we need to add forward & reverse lookup zone in DNS server then we are capable for adding the DNS A/PTR Record in DNS server.DNS A record provides the IP address associated with a domain name whereas DNS PTR record provides the domain name associated with an IP address.

There are some steps to add DNS A/PTR record in window server 2019 base:

  • Login to Window Server 2019 Base.
  • First we need to install DNS server then add forward & reverse lookup zone.The following link is given below:

To Add DNS A/PTR Record

  • In Server Manager Wizard,click on Tools then select DNS.

  • In Server Name,under forward lookup zone—>Right click on new added forward lookup zone.


  • Select New Host (A or AAAA..).

  • In New Host page,provide a host name,fully qualified domain name & IP address.


  • Select “Create associated pointer (PTR) record.
  • Click on Add Host.

  • The Host record was successfully created.Click OK.

  • Close the open New host wizard.
  • Now,Go to new added forward lookup zone,here we can see A record.

  • Go to new added Reverse lookup zone,here we can see the PTR record.

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