Steps to install & configure OpenSSL on window server 2019 base

Hello,In this blog we are discussing about how to install & configure OpenSSL on window server 2019 base.OpenSSL is a free & open source applications of the TLS protocol.It is used to secure applications and transfer of information between systems & it allows users to perform various SSL-related tasks, including Certificate Signing Request and private keys generation and SSL certificate installation.

There are some steps to install & configure openssl on window server 2019:

  • Login to window server 2019 base.

  • Click on Search icon & type Windows PowerShell.

  • Click on Windows PowerShell & will open.

  • Go to Browser & type the following URL.

  • The following page will open.

  • Scroll down the open page.
  • Download the latest OpenSSL (Win64 OpenSSL v3.0.5) in EXE format.Run the downloaded EXE file.

  • We can also download using command line.
  • Run the following command:

curl.exe -L -o Win64OpenSSL.exe

  • Here is the output.

  • Once downloaded,run the following command for installing.


  • Here is the output.
  • Then ,License Agreement page open,Select “I Accept the Agreement”.

  • Click on Next.

  • Select default directory & click on Next.

  • Select default folder,click on Next.

  • In Additional tasks page,select “The Window system directory” & click on Next.

  • Click on Install.

  • Now OpenSSL is installing on server 2019.

  • Once OpenSSL is installed then click on Finish.

Configure OpenSSL on window server 2019

  • We need to add C:\OpenSSL-Win64 to the Windows environment PATH.Run the following commands:

$userenv = [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path", "User")
[System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", $userenv + "C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin", "User")

  • Here is the output.

  • To generate OpenSSL certificates.Run the command:

set OPENSSL_CONF=C:\OpenSSL-Win64\bin\openssl.cfg

  • Change the directory.

cd C:\Program Files\OpenSSL-Win64\bin

  • List the available files.


  • Here is the output.

  • Create a test SSL certificate to check our installation.

openssl.exe req -new -nodes -keyout server.key -out server.csr -newkey rsa:2048

  • Then,Provide the following values like Country name,State,Locality, Organization name & etc.
  • Here is the output.

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