Steps to Create Amazon EKS node group on Amazon web Service (AWS)

Kubernetes is an open-source service. Basically it is used for automation deployment,& containerized applications management. It is also Known as K8s. First, we can create a Amazon EKS cluster. Amazon cluster provides to create a numbers of nodes. We can create one or more nodes into a node group. Node group is a one or more Amazon EC2 instances.

There are some steps to create Amazon EKS node group:

Step 1: Login to Amazon Web service portal.

Step 2: First create a Amazon EKS cluster Follow this post for how to create EKS cluster.

Step 3: Click on Created EKS cluster name.


Step 4: Click on Compute & Click on Add Node group.

Step 5: Provide a name for node group.

Step 6: Create a IAM Role for Node group.Click on IAM console.

  • Click on Create Role.


  • Select AWS service.
  • Click on EC2.
  • Click on Next:Permission.

  • Search & Select the following policies: AmazonEKSWorkerNodePolicy , AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryReadOnly.
  • Click on Next Tags.

  • Provide the key name & value for IAM role.
  • Click on Next Review.

  • Provide the Role name.
  • Click on Create role.

Step 7: Now,select the created IAM role for Node group.

Step 8: We have another option to create node group using Launch tamplate & we can Add Kubernetes Labels & Taints.Kubernetes Labels is a key/value pairs.It is used for identify Kubernetes objects.Taints is used for allow a node to repel a set of pods.

  • Provide a key name & value for node group.
  • Click on Next.

Step 9: Next is Node group compute configuration.Select AMI type,Capacity type & Instance type.

  • Provide a Disk size in GB.

  • We can configure the auto-scaling on Node group.Provide the min & max number of instances(Node group).

  • Provide a number or Percentage of unavailable nodes to be tolerated during node group updation.
  • Click on Next.

Step 10: Select the existing Subnets.

  • Enable the SSH access to nodes.

  • Click on Enable.

  • Select the existing SSH Key Pairs.
  • Select the existing Security Group or Allow the SSH access to All.
  • Click on Next.

Step 11: Review the configurations.

  • Click on Create.

  • Now, Node Group is Creating.

Create Kubernetes Cluster Node group using Shell

# Create Public Node Group
eksctl create nodegroup –cluster=cluster-name \
–region=us-east-1 \
–name=node-group-name \
–node-type=t3.medium \
–nodes=2 \
–nodes-min=2 \
–nodes-max=4 \
–node-volume-size=20 \
–ssh-access \
–ssh-public-key=ssh-key-pair-name \
–managed \
–asg-access \
–external-dns-access \
–full-ecr-access \
–appmesh-access \

# List NodeGroups
eksctl get nodegroup –cluster=<clusterName>

# List Nodes
kubectl get nodes -o wide

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